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KOTG Series 2021



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Round 3 Clewiston

There can only be one!

The 2021 KOTG Series season brought Florida’s hammers to Okee Tantie to battle it out and gain some valuable points in round 2. We saw it all on Sunday! A little morning fog, calm conditions switching to 30+MPH winds and torrential rains as a front pushed through the northern part of the lake, then back to clear blue skies and zero winds towards the afternoon.

Congrats to Julio and Joe Rodriguez for weighing in 21.42 pounds. They made the long run from Okee Tantie to the West Wall in Clewiston and it paid off!

Skip Reed and Hank Krieg came in 2nd place weighing in 20.75 pounds and the wonder boys Matt Wieteha and Nicholas Hoinig came in at a close 3rd with 20.61 pounds. Welcome to the Classic gentlemen!!!

Round 2 Points Standings

Round 2 Okee Tantie

1st Place Julio and Joe Rodriguez 21.42 pounds

2nd Place Skip Reed and Hank Krieg 20.75 pounds

3rd Place Nicholas Hoinig and Matt Wieteha 20.61 pounds

Big Bass for Round 2

James Sloan 7.60 pounds

Round 1 Clewiston

1st Place Josh Welkes and Anthony Parrillo 18.78 pounds

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2021 KOTG Schedule

2021 KOTG SERIES Livingston Lures Big Bass Leader

Todd Scherr 7.88 pounds

KOTG Series 15




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Round 2 Clewiston