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King Of The Glades Series

Round 2 at Holiday Park brought another round of post cold front tough fishing conditions, slamming the door on the big bites for a lot of teams! 78 boats showed up to battle it out in the swamp but the Everglades flats hammers Skip Reed and Hank Krieg laid the smack down 2 rounds in a row, weighing in the biggest bag (20.85 pounds) and extending their KOTG 2020 points lead.

Runner up spot went to Ray Peterson and Bill Davis, weighing in 18.96 pounds. Rounding out the top 3 and securing a spot in the Classic were Dean Belits and Ken Belits with 17.87 pounds. 

Round 3 Classic qualifying event heads back to Lake Okeechobee on March 1st.

Round 2 Results:

KOTG FEB 2020 round 2 jpeg


Round 2 Top 3 Teams:

1st Place: Hank Krieg & Skip Reed: 20.85 pounds

2nd Place: Ray Peterson & Bill Davis: 18.96 pounds

3rd Place: Dean Belits & Ken Belits: 17.87 pounds


Hank Krieg and Skip Reed have gotten off to an amazing start to the 2020 KOTG season, winning back to back qualifying rounds going shallow on Lake Okeechobee and Everglades marsh lands. Will the flats icons continue to dominate the field for post spawn conditions at Lake Okeechobee and can bites in the next 3 rounds to keep the KOTG 14 points lead? Time will tell…..


Big Bass Leader Through 2 rounds:

Tim McClinton 8.72 pounds




New Schedule for 2020 season:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.02.21 AM





Honorable mention goes out to the future of our sport. Congrats Ryder on a very nice bag. Watch out for this guy in a couple of years! Looks like he’s already using the right equipment based on his shirt and hat. Great job kiddo…..