King Of The Glades Series

UPDATE ON KOTG 2020 Season


King Of The Glades 2020 Champs


Skip Reed & Hank Krieg




The remainder of King Of The Glades Series has been cancelled for 2020, including the Classic event. Congratulations to Hank Krieg and Skip Reed for being the points champions based on the 1st three rounds of the season. 

Thadeus Ragan and his partner will collect the big bass award for the 2 rounds they fished. 

We will have the Fitzgerald Rods shootout shootout on June 7th and teams that have fished 2 of the 3 events or got a top 3 in the 1st three rounds will be eligible to compete in this event. We will add the Classic money to the $100 per boat entry fee so payout will be a nice amount to take home! Location for the shootout will be either Holiday Park or Lake Okeechobee, based on team votes.

Below, I listed the final standings for the KOTG 2020 season. If your team name is highlighted in yellow or green, you have qualified to fish the shootout on June 7th.

There will be an online raffle for the product from all our sponsors the week before the shootout and winners will collect their prizes the morning of the shootout event. 

Thank you all and its with a heavy heart I have to make this decision. As we have stressed every year, our #1 concern is boater safety. This series and all you anglers mean the world to me and there was a lot behind the scenes and lot’s of discussions before I based my decision. 

Bottom Line Mike


Round 3 at Okeechobee brought some tough fishing conditions again with many of Florida’s best anglers fighting post cold front conditions. Steven Forssell and Rod Sayler came out swinging, being the only team to break 20+ pounds at weigh in and making a run at the points race. Wesley Gall and Patrick Fields had a solid day, just shy of 20 pounds and topping off the top 3 in round 3 were Josh Welkes and Anthony Parrillo with almost 19 pounds!


1st Place: Steven Forssell and Rod Sayler


2nd Place: Wesley Gall and Patrick Fields



3rd Place: Josh Welkes and Anthony Parrillo


Round 3 Top 3 Teams:

1st Place: Steven Forssell and Rod Sayler: 22.29 pounds

2nd Place: Wesley Gall and Patrick Fields: 19.62 pounds

3rd Place: Josh Welkes and Anthony Parrillo: 18.68 pounds


Hank Krieg and Skip Reed have gotten off to an amazing start to the 2020 KOTG season, winning back to back qualifying rounds and holding on to the points lead after 3 rounds of the 2020 KOTG Series! 


Big Bass Leader Through 2 rounds:

Tim McClinton 8.72 pounds




New Schedule for 2020 season:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.02.21 AM





Honorable mention goes out to the future of our sport. Congrats Ryder on a very nice bag. Watch out for this guy in a couple of years! Looks like he’s already using the right equipment based on his shirt and hat. Great job kiddo…..