King Of The Glades Series

With round 5 complete, Rodd Sayler and Steven Forssell win the 2019 KOTG 13 points championship and set a new all-time KOTG points record at 492 points! Congrats to these 2 hammers as they came out swinging in round one and held on to the points lead through all 5 rounds! 



Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 5.43.30 PM.png

Top 3 from Wildcard event at Lake O and joining the Classic:

  • Bob Gallik & Jeff Peterson
  • Jason Bailey & Jacob Baughman
  • JP McKay & Paul Warmser

Round 5 Holiday Park Results:

1st place: Steve Forssell & Rod Sayler 24.17 pounds



2nd place: Tim Celesti & Jason Goon 22.85 pounds



3rd place: Mark Sommer & Tim Feller 22.75 pounds 



KOTG 13-Round 5 & Final Standings


# KOTG May 2019 Round  5 Holiday.jpg




Big Bass Leader

Steven Connell 9.79 pounds!!!



Honorable mention goes out to the future of our sport. Congrats Ryder on a very nice bag. Watch out for this guy in a couple of years! Looks like he’s already using the right equipment based on his shirt and hat. Great job kiddo…..