King Of The Glades Series

Round 1 at Lake Okeechobee brought tough cold front conditions and over 20mph winds but that¬†didn’t stop over 80 boaters from showing up to compete against some of Florida’s biggest sticks. No joke, this round brought some tough fishing conditions but the Everglades hammers Hank Krieg and Skip Reed take home a big win in Round 1 with almost 20 pounds and secured another Classic spot!¬†

Round 2 heads back to the swap at Holiday Park with low waters which should have some big bags in both the main canals and also in the flats. It’s shaping up to be a slugfest!!!


Round 1 Results:

KOTG 2020 JAN.


Round 1 Top 3 Teams:

1st Place: Hank Krieg & Skip Reed: 19.37 pounds

2nd Place: Allen Walls & Andy Matusevich: 16.06 pounds

3rd Place: Joey Berg & Hunter Weston: 14.68 pounds




Round 1 Big Bass Leader

Tim McClinton 8.72 pounds




New Schedule for 2020 season:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.02.21 AM





Honorable mention goes out to the future of our sport. Congrats Ryder on a very nice bag. Watch out for this guy in a couple of years! Looks like he’s already using the right equipment based on his shirt and hat. Great job kiddo…..