1. Every fee of $80 per boat must be paid in person at check-in. This year, we are adding an additional OPTIONAL $20 entry fee for the big bass award. Entries are payable in cash only. Payback is 1 for every 8 entries and there is 100% payback throughout the series. 
  2. All contestants must check in at registration the morning of the tournament starting at 4am. Entry fees will be collected at the time of registration
  3. The official tournament waters are all bodies of water reachable from the launch point without removing the boat from the water or having to ford natural or man made banks
  4. Safe boating must be observed at all times. Each competitor is required to wear a coast guard approved floatation life vest securely fastened whenever the combustion engine is running
  5. All competitors are expected to show courtesy to all persons on the water. Drunkenness will not be tolerated. No alcohol beverages or other stimulants are allowed on the boat. No competitor shall have a non competitor sit on a hole, spot, or scout for them
  6. Protests must be filed in writing and signed by the competitor(s) making the protest. Protests must be made prior to the payout. Once the payout has been made, all results are official
  7. Each competitor agrees by signing the application form to submit to a polygraph examination if requested by the tournament officials
  8. Only artificial lures may be used. All bass must be taken in a sporting manner. Trolling is prohibited. No fly rods permitted
  9. Each boat must have a functioning kill switch. Boats must have an operating livewell or some type of livewell system. Coolers with air pumps are permitted
  10. A total of 5 largemouth bass per boat may be weighed in. A 12” minimum size rule will be enforced using the golden rule flat board with the bass’ mouth closed. Any team presenting more than 5 fish to the tournament staff will be DQ’d. Short fish will result in automatic disqualification. Any bass that appear to be mangled, mashed, mauled or altered in any way will be disallowed. Dead fish will result in a penalty of .25 Lb per dead fish.
  11. CLASSIC boats may be subject to spotters
  12. No culling of fish at the weigh in or docks. Culling must be done away from    the basin, on the water before checking in to weigh fish
  13. In case of a boat or motor failure, one team member may be brought in on another tournament team member’s boat, with both team’s fish being separated at all times
  14. Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament officials. The decisions of the officials are final. Infraction of these rules are grounds for disqualification from this and future tournaments
  15. Teams are limited to 2 people per boat, with at least one partner being 18 years or older
  16. Flats flag must be up 100% of time entering flats until exiting flats
  17. If a co or boater has to miss a qualifying round, one must fish alone to carry points. If a team splits, they both form a new team
  18. The King Series is a brand. Anglers conduct (past or present) on or off the water that may harm the brand can result in disqualification from the series at the discretion of the series president, VP, or tournament director
  19. King Series Classic-5 locations/”You pick em draw”. No entry fee Classic consists of 23 boats. 
  • Top 3 finish in 1st 5 rounds — 15 boats
  • Top 5 in points (that didn’t place in top 3 in 1st 5 rounds)
  • 3 Wildcard boats-Highest 3 teams that fished 3 of 5 rounds but didn’t qualify by top 5 in points or a top 3 finish
  • If a team finishes in top 3 more than once, another points boat enters
  • There are no ties in points to qualify for the Classic. Tie breaker is the heaviest limit
  • Teams must fish 3 of 5 qualifiers qualify for the Classic
  • At the END of the Series, teams highlighted in YELLOW enter via a top 3 finish
  • If your team is highlighted in BLUE at the END of the series, you enter via points
  • If your name is highlighted in GREEN, you enter as a Wildcard team
  • If your team is highlighted in RED, you qualified but didn’t meet the 3 of 5 tournament minimum requirement, allowing the next team in points race to enter
19.   No locking through the Caloosahatchee or Kissimmee locks on Okeechobee events.
  • Any KOTG team going through these locks will be disqualified. 
20. Year end prizes and payouts will be based on # of rounds fished. For example, if Big Bass award is $1,500 and you fish all 5 rounds, then you will receive the full payout. If you fish 1 round, then the payout will be $300 (1/5th of the total pot since you only fished 1 out of 5 rounds). 

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