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KOTG 2023 Round 1 Clewiston

There can only be one!

King Of The Glades 2022 Classic Champs!

Congrats to Hank Krieg and Skip Reed winning the Classic shootout with a 26.28 pound bag!

Kevin Thomas, we would like to congratulate you on your retirement from the police force with over 30 years of service protecting us and serving your community! You wore your badge with pride, risked your life on a daily basis, and made your community a safer place. Best wishes on your future endeavors! God bless.

Congratulations to Ricardo Abresu and Joe D’Orio for winning KOTG 16 Round 5 Classic Qualifier with a 5 fish limit of 20.97 pounds! Rod Sayler and Steve Forsell also had a nice bag coming in 2nd place, weighing in 19.09 pounds. Rounding off the top 3, Mark Escobar and Greg Moule had a strong showing with 18.97 pounds. These 3 teams have qualified for the Classic event in June.

Round 5

1st Place: Ricardo Arbesu & Joe D’Orio 20.97 pounds

Round 4

1st Place: Michael Cash & James Sloan 20.38 pounds

2nd Place: Rod Sayler & Steve Forrsell 18.92 pounds

Round 3 Top 3 Teams

1st Place: Duran Locke & Jared McMillan 32.7 pounds

2nd Place: Dustin Royer & Mike Hicks 28.82 pounds

3rd Place: Chris Schirling & Alex Nagdeman 27.92 pounds

Round 2 Top 3 Teams

1st Place: Duran Locke & Chris Kelley 29.5 pounds

2nd Place: Chris Shirling & Alex Nagdeman 27.31 pounds

3rd Place: Bradley MacQueen & Drew Wanczak 26.81 pounds

Round 1 Top 3 Teams

1st Place: Connor MacDougall & Brandon St Pierre 26.7 pounds

2nd Place: Ricky Allen & Eric Beaty 25.5 pounds

3rd Place: Mike Surman & Matt Surman 24.07 pounds

2022 KOTG Livingston Lures Big Bass Winner!

Jeff Justice & Danny Shelton 8.75 pounds

King Series shirts available at: http://www.justhookem.com

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