KOTG Series 2022



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KOTG 2022 Round 1 Countdown

There can only be one!

Joe D’Orio and Ricardo Abresu powered their way to the 2021 Classic title, outfishing the field of all-stars and weighing in over 22.5 pounds. Congrats boys, you are the 2021 KOTG 15 Classic champions!

KOTG Series season 15 went down to the wire and the 2021 Series champs award goes to Rene Gonzalez and Scott Crisafulli, edging out the defending champs by 2 points to take the title! Consistency was the key to success as Rene and Scott averaged almost 17 pounds through 5 rounds! Amazing work gentlemen. You earned your crown…

Round 5 Clewiston

1st Place Tim Celesti and Jason Goon

Round 4 Clewiston

1st Place Jeff Justice and Danny Shelton

2nd Place Rene Gonzalez and Scott Crisafulli

Round 3 Clewiston

1st Place Tony Bennett 23.46 pounds

2nd Place Ron Buck Sr and Ronnie Buck Jr 21.97 pounds

3rd Place Steve Forssell and Rod Sayler 21.73 Pounds

Round 2 Okee Tantie

1st Place Julio and Joe Rodriguez 21.42 pounds

2nd Place Skip Reed and Hank Krieg 20.75 pounds

3rd Place Nicholas Hoinig and Matt Wieteha 20.61 pounds

Big Bass for Round 2

James Sloan 7.60 pounds

Round 1 Clewiston

1st Place Josh Welkes and Anthony Parrillo 18.78 pounds

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2021 KOTG SERIES Livingston Lures Big Bass winner

Timothi Celesti 7.95 pounds

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