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KOTG 2023 Classic

There can only be one!

King Of The Glades Classic Qualifiers

Kevin Thomas, we would like to congratulate you on your retirement from the police force with over 30 years of service protecting us and serving your community! You wore your badge with pride, risked your life on a daily basis, and made your community a safer place. Best wishes on your future endeavors! God bless.

Round 5 Top 3 Teams Holiday Park May 7th

1st Place: Tim Celesti & Jason Goon 23.79 pounds

2nd Place: Ricardo Arbesu & Joe D’Orio 21.06 pounds

3rd Place: Jong King & Bruce Johnson 21.00 pounds

Round 4 Top 3 Teams Holiday Park April 2nd

1st Place: Jonathan Lecrone & Tyler Carey 22.90 pounds

2nd Place: Ernie Alvarez & Alex Mut 17.09 pounds

3rd Place: Chris Schirling & Alex Nagdeman 15.96 pounds

Round 3 Top 3 Teams Lake Okeechobee March 5th

1st Place: Ronnie Buck Sr & Ronnie Buck Jr 31.68 pounds

2nd Place: Nick Hoinig & Tim Shabareck 26.48 pounds

3rd Place: Eddie Miller & Garrett Kirton: 26.42 pounds

Round 2 Top 3 Teams Holiday Park Feb 5th

1st Place: William Schmitt and Daniel Gunshefski

3rd Place: Eddy Dominguez and Antonio Dominguez

Round 1 Top 3 Teams Lake Okeechobee Jan 15, 2023

1st Place: Justin Jones & Drew Wanczak 17.77 pounds

2nd Place: Chris Hueston & Mike Tucker 16.40 pounds

3rd Place: Alex Terescenko & Jenna Vlaar 15.82 pounds

2023 KOTG Livingston Lures Big Bass Leader!

Jason Horn 8.36 pounds

King Series shirts available at: http://www.justhookem.com


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