King Of The Glades Series

New Schedule for 2020 season:

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2019 KOTG 13 Classic Champions

Jason Bailey and Jacob Baughman were 4th in points in the KOTG 13 points race. They weighed in 3lbs in round 5 missing the Classic by 1point. In the wildcard event, they found a deeper hole on Okeechobee throwing a Bruiser Baits Big Nasty black blue Flake and weighed in 22 1/2 lbs and earned their way into the Classic. When we drew Clewiston, they went back to the same hole, threw the same worm and weighed in 22.26 Lbs, winning the 2019 Kotg 13 Fitzgerald Rods Classic Championship!!! Jason’s partner Jacob just graduated high school and is heading to the Air Force academy as the King Series Champions….. Congrats!




2019 KOTG 13 Series Champions

With round 5 complete, Rodd Sayler and Steven Forssell win the 2019 KOTG 13 points championship and set a new all-time KOTG points record at 492 points! Congrats to these 2 hammers as they came out swinging in round one and held on to the points lead through all 5 rounds! 

1st place steven forssell and rodd sayler 27 pounds


Big Bass Winner

Steven Connell 9.79 pounds!!!




KOTG 13-Round 5 & Final Standings

# KOTG May 2019 Round 5 Holiday



Honorable mention goes out to the future of our sport. Congrats Ryder on a very nice bag. Watch out for this guy in a couple of years! Looks like he’s already using the right equipment based on his shirt and hat. Great job kiddo…..
























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